The Shala Yoga – Cape Town Yoga School Teacher Training Course Video

The Shala Yoga - Cape Town Yoga School Teacher Training Course Our Teacher training program is is designed to take each student step by step through the journey to becoming a safe and effective yoga teacher. We invite you to view our new video giving more insight into this transformative course. Please email for more information and to [...]


The Yoga of Nutrition – Lesson 1

The human body is roughly two-thirds water, which is a molecular compound of one oxygen (O) atom and two hydrogen (H) atoms that are chemically bonded to form H2O. Water forms the basic internal environment of the body, and due to its molecular shape and the magnetic force it exerts on other molecules, water has slightly glue-like [...]


Advancing Your Practice: Intensive training for teachers – A Blog Post by Yoga South Africa

As a yoga instructor; what are you doing to maintain a strong practice? To read the energy of the room? To tune in to your intuition and connect with your students? To learn more and grow as an exceptional teacher? As yoga instructors, we are constantly finding balance between being teacher and student. Along with [...]


The Earthchild Shala Campaign in Kayelitsha – A Blog Post by Yoga South Africa

“My biggest dream for my community is that each young person gets a comfortable and safe space where they can really get to know who they are and what they want to make out of their lives” - Sikelelwa Waka, Approximately 3200 children in Cape Town Townships receive regular yoga classes with the Earthchild Yoga [...]


Teaching Authentically: Exploring Yoga Teacher Training with Tamsin Sheehy – A Blog Post by Yoga South Africa

The greatest attribute a teacher can hold is authenticity. The journey of becoming a yoga teacher is a truly enriching experience - not only in knowledge, but in transformation. We sat down with Tamsin Sheehy, Yoga instructor and co-owner of The Shala – Cape Town Yoga School to hear all about her personal yoga story [...]


Chinese Meridians Yoga Workshop at The Shala – A Blog Post by Siyaflo

I recently went to a yoga workshop hosted by Nicola Van Schaik at The Shala, a beautiful yoga studio in Dunkley Square, Cape Town. One of the walls was half covered in colourful paper butterflies, above an old, rustic door & windows leading to nowhere. The sun was pouring onto the studio floor, giving it [...]


The yoga of nutrition, an in-depth look with Thomas Sheehy – A Blog Post by Yoga South Africa

The understanding that yoga is a complex discipline with many facets is often taken for granted in a 21st century world that focuses mainly on the physical asana. In essence, yoga is a lifestyle and an art. We got in touch with Thomas Sheehy, yoga instructor and natural health coach as he explains the yoga of [...]


Body Benefits: Exploring the effects of Yoga with Kathleen Booyse – A Blog Post by Yoga South Africa

When Kathleen Booyse quit her career in the film industry to pursue a more nurturing role as a yoga teacher, she found a calling to help people understand their bodies in a way that goes deeper than just the physical. We sat down with Kathleen as she shared her passions for learning as well as [...]


Finding strength in vulnerability: An in-depth look with Lara Roux – A Blog Post by Yoga South Africa

“There is vulnerability in strength and strength in vulnerability” The words, and motto, of Lara Roux left me inspired as we sat down for a coffee just after Lara had taught a Forrest-Inspired class at The Shala - Cape Town Yoga School. Her energy and spirit filled the space as she shared her personal yoga [...]