Saturday 11 June • 11:00 – 12:30

This 90min special class is a concise version of Kathleen’s seminal studio workshop. Exploring the benefits of yoga poses in relation to the internal organs and body systems – the practices are simple, effective and will benefit all bodies. Open to all levels, if you have an existing yoga practice this will deepen your understanding, if do not have a home practice then this is a great way to start!

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5 Part Talk, Thursdays 15:00 – 16:30

23 July • 6 August • 20 August • 3 September • 17 September

Session 1: How did we get here? | 23 July

We’ll walk through history with a particular focus on the experiences of the physical body in various iterations. From slavery and indentured labour, to Apartheid and the modern-day, this session will seek to examine how different bodies tell different stories and will draw on a yogic framework to analyse how treatment of the physical body is mapped onto the mind and encoded in the nervous system.

Session 2: The situation in 2020 | 6 August

This year has been a perfect storm with the collision of a pandemic, police brutality, and the continued violence of the patriarchy but none of these problems are new. Drawing on the information from our first session, we will unpack the power dynamics around these issues and, drawing on the developments of yoga in the last four decades, look at why they still affect us today.

Session 3: The Theory of Racial Affinity Group Work | 20 August

After two sessions of learning, we can start to think about applying some of our knowledge and sharing our stories. We will look at a case study of racial affinity groups in action and discuss how we might apply similar ideas in our contexts, and contrast it with how anti-racism work has been done in yogic spaces in other parts of the world.

Session 4: Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Yoga | 3 September

We will come together to delve into select indigenous knowledge systems, including African traditional healing and Cape Malay culture. In this session, we will tease out the commonalities in the spiritualties of these systems and yoga and find connection points that situate yoga in South Africa.

Session 5: Moving Forward: Social Justice and Un-coding our Collective Trauma | 17 September

Using the knowledge gained from the previous four sessions, we will be ready to plot the path ahead. We will look at ways in which yoga can be used to promote social justice and at steps we can take to redirect the structural inequalities which we have lived with for generations.

Normal Class Rates Apply. All active passes are valid. Bookings via MindBody*