Aerial Yoga

Suspension yoga, a 75-minute practice, is a fantastic way to build strength and agility. Students work with a ‘hammock’ suspended from the ceiling rafters and are guided through a range of movements from pulling the whole body upwards to hanging upside down in the hammock for a supported inversion. Foundational yoga postures are explored with the support of the hammock giving an incredible opportunity for the body to open effectively and safely. Our Hammocks are imported from the USA and are of the highest quality. We are blessed with extremely strong and reinforced ceiling beams where the hammocks are suspended from.

*Please note that due to the limited number of yoga hammocks these classes need to be pre-booked.



Kathleen Booyse

Aerial Yoga completely changed my Yoga practice. It challenges my understanding of alignment and gravity in the most creative way. Constant adjustment and the activation of different muscles requires me to be in the moment and fully focused on my practice. While fully supported inversions are made possible without having to place any pressure on the head or hands, making inverting accessible for almost anyone. The physical benefits range from strength building to deep stretching. Practicing Aerial Yoga helped me go deeper into my physical practice, find satisfying relaxation, build confidence and strength. The practice does, however, require commitment. Only a consistent and dedicated practice will result in your desired outcomes. I would highly recommend attending beginner classes, in order to introduce your mind and body to this incredible practice. Thereafter, all you need to do is show up, in your hammock.

Sheona Mitchley

After her first class in the yoga hammock, Sheona was captivated by the freedom and feeling of lightness that the suspension practice offered. Sheona completed her Suspension Yoga training in 2015, at The Yoga Republic in Johannesburg, and has taught suspension yoga classes and workshops in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. In 2016, she completed the 200hr teacher training at The Shala – Cape Town Yoga School, and in 2017 she trained under Ana Forrest, completing the Forrest Yoga advanced teacher training. Sheona has an affinity for teaching Yin Yoga and loves to combine the principles of Yin with the suspension practice. The result is a restorative class, with the hammock set close to the ground, to assist the body to open, soften and release whilst being fully supported and relaxed. Her personal practice has benefitted greatly from finding new connections whilst exploring the traditional yoga poses in the hammock. Her passion is encouraging students to discover their own connections, face fears and build strength and flexibility in a safe and playful way.

Megan Moore

I love that Aerial Yoga has been introduced to Cape Town – it is basically a combination of circus and yoga in one 🙂 I was involved in the circus for 8 years and became a Vinyasa Yoga teacher 4 years ago… what a privilege to be doing what i love. How often do we get to hang upside down?  NEVER… We are constantly on our feet walking around, climbing and running. Aerial Yoga gives us the opportunity to supportively hang upside down allowing our blood to slowly drain into our heads creating so much more fresh oxygen for our brains. One of its leading benefits is decompression of the spine and can be used to rehabilitate some back injuries because hanging freely allows our muscles along our spine to lengthen. Other benefits: increases flexibility, improves balance, rejuvenates our bodies, aids digestion and improves our mood. After 75 minutes of swinging back and forth, flipping upside down, learning new tricks and using your body in a whole new way it is hard not to leave the class with a big smile on your face 🙂 Come let your inner monkey out with me and lets float, fly, stretch and play

Will Lindeque

Having taught yoga for a number of years, I was introduced to Aerial yoga in 2016 and was hooked right away. I loved how it incorporated a pulling strength component not found in regular yoga, as well as a sense of adventure as one gets the opportunity to take on some flips and tricks in the air…

The benefits of aerial yoga are numerous:

  • Offers cardio-metabolic benefits
  • Builds Core and upper body strength
  • Helps to relieve spinal compression
  • Improves flexibility
  • Helps improve focus and concentration
  • Elevates the mood and relieves stress
  • Adds a sense of fun and adventure that takes one back to your childhood games

My classes tend to be a good mix of flexibility and strength based postures and movements. Even though the practitioner can expect to be challenged, my classes are suitable to all levels as we methodically work through different skill options.