300 hrs

Deepen your yoga practice and develop your teaching skills with advanced RYT300 training!

The Shala advanced yoga teacher training course runs over three modules.
The modules may be completed in any order.

Our dates for 2021-22

Mod 1: Fri 18 – Sun 27 Feb
Mod 2: Fri 19 – Sun 28 Aug
Mod 3: Fri 21 – Sun 30 Oct


Mon – Fri 8:00-5:00
Sat 11:00-5:00
Sun 11:30-5:00

Course Highlights

• Build and expand upon your understanding of the fundamental aspects of the practice and teaching of yoga.
• Learn to teach yoga practices and techniques that are more advanced, detailed and subtle.
• Entry requirement RYT200

Course Overview

Module 1: Introspection

• Reflect upon where we are as students and teachers of yoga.
• Use the chakra system as a roadmap to look deeper into our natural talents, areas of ease and light.
• Explore areas of discomfort, areas where we numb or shut down, and reflect on these energies to serve our personal growth and development.
• Discuss anatomy and physiology associated with key chakra points.
Enhance teaching skills and consider issues that may arise for yoga teachers in the world today.

Module 2: Revitalization

• Cleanse, purify and revitalize the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies using Kriya, lymphatic activation and Pranayama.
• Focus on strengthening the digestive system through yoga asana.
• Purification of limiting beliefs through study of the Upanishads and Yoga Sutras.
• Deeper study of the anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic and digestive systems.

Module 3: Moving Forward

• Finding and refining your life’s work and purpose.
• Explore the three main paths of yoga – heart, mind and action.
• Exploration of yoga and healthy lifestyle.
• Advanced prop usage.


The Shala – Cape Town Yoga School is a RYS300
Graduates are able to register as RYT500


Full price per module
R12,500 (VAT included)


10% discount
R11,250 (VAT included)
Paid two months prior course starting date.

Pay for all three modules together
15% discount.

The Shala RYT200 graduates
20% discount.
R10,000 per module

Terms & Conditions

Please note there is a non-refundable R1200 admin fee for any/all RYT payments.

Upon payment and confirmation of your place:

• If cancellation is more than 4 weeks from start date = 100% refund.

• If cancellation is between 2-4 weeks from start date = 50% refund available.

• If cancellation is less than 2 weeks from start date = 25% refund available.

If you are paying from outside of South Africa:

• Any monies paid to The Shala must reflect the full ZAR amount once cleared.

• The Shala is not responsible for any exchange rate fluctuations, bank charges or service fees.

• Any refunded monies will be made in original ZAR amount and may vary from amount paid in another currency after exchange rate fluctuations, bank charges or service fees.


“My 300hr training at The Shala really exceeded any expectations I had coming into it. What I crave more and more in life are authentic experiences, and the course was just that – genuine, authentic and deep. Tamsin, Tom and Adila are all truly excellent instructors and human beings, who walk the walk and talk the talk. I really enjoyed the fact that the course is split up into 3 modules of 100hrs each with a few months in between, giving one the time to integrate the lessons of each module and to return to the next with deeper introspection and insight. And what I especially appreciated was the great balance between physical asana, pranayama, philosophy, anatomy and therapy, as there are many trainings out there that only focus on the physical aspects of yoga, and therefore don’t really do the holistic universe of the practice much justice!” – Leigh Bosch

“Tamsin, Tom and Adila’s abundance of knowledge and lived experience of the practice and application of the many facets of yoga encouraged us to deepen our study of the yogic path, and to also examine our behaviors and practically apply these tools to our own lives. The Shala 300-hour Teacher Training awakened aspects of myself that continue to inspire my personal growth and my contribution as a yoga practitioner and teacher. I feel incredibly privileged to have been expertly guided and gracefully held through such a truly transformative process.” – Sheona Mitchley

“The 300hr YTT has been a completely transformative experience. I signed up wanting to be a better teacher however I feel I completed the process as a better person. A person more aware, more considerate, more spacious and reasonable. If you want to teach from a place of honesty, clarity & authenticity then I strongly recommend The Shala’s 300HR YTT. Tamsin, Thomas & Adila teach the practice of yoga by example, they hold space for every student’s unique expression and personal experience with empathy, consideration and confidentiality.” – Mikkie-dene Le Roux

“In October 2015, I completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at The Shala Cape Town Yoga School. On completing the course, I was honoured to be employed full-time by The Shala as the Studio Manager as well as being given the opportunity to teach classes. I invested all of my time, energy and love into my role, and 4 years later I was thrilled to enter the 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course at the studio I call home. I can honestly testify that this course is phenomenal. Not only is it incredibly comprehensive but the content truly reflects the essence of The Shala. The course ensures growth on a skills level and encourages some serious self-development. This course will change your life and will fully prepare you for the journey that is yet to come. I am forever grateful for this experience. It has taught me to show up for myself, for my community and for the practice of Yoga.” – Kathleen Booyse