With Nicola Van Schaik
Saturday 28 April
14.00 – 16.00

Yoga Therapeutics & Chinese 5 Elements – Metal/Autumn  Workshop

Both Yoga & Taoism recognise that the inner landscapes of our bodies are directly related to the outer landscapes of our environment.  As without, so within – and our bodies echo the changing patterns of the seasons. Each of our organs, their meridians and therefore the fascial lines associated with these meridians are in constant relationship to both our inner and outer worlds.

As we move into Autumn, the season associated with the Lungs and Large Intestine, we will explore these connections; learning the therapeutic benefits of each hatha yoga posture and intentionally accessing specific meridian pathways to influence these organs. In this way, we can tailor our practice to our individual needs, throughout the changing seasons of our lives.

This workshop is open to all levels of practice from beginners through to experienced yogi’s & yoga teachers, wanting to take either their personal &/or teaching practices to the next level.