Tamsin Sheehy

Owner, teacher & co-creator of the Teacher Training Course, E-RYT 200

Seeking a holistic form of body movement led Tamsin to her first yoga class. In 2004, after four years of dedicated practice in a diversity of yoga lineages including Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Iyengar yoga, Tamsin completed her first teacher training with Louisa Sears at Yogarts, an Australian based yoga school in Bali. She subsequently completed an intensive two-year Bihar teacher training with Carly Louw at Yoga Connection in Pretoria and travelled to Kerala, India to study Sivananda asana, chanting, puja and philosophy. In 2009 Tamsin completed a philosophy-rich Ashtanga style yoga teacher training with Shimon Ben Avi. She is currently completing her WildLotus 300hours with Patrick Creelman and Rinat Perlman in Hong Kong.

She has a special interest in the role of yoga as a practice of healing and repair on all levels of Being. The art of Lymphology and Digestion are key focus points for workshops and courses. Encouraging the body through specific movement to release stuck toxins and kickstart the bodies natural ability to repair itself.

She opened her own studio in 2007 in Cape Town , The Shala, Cape Town Yoga School and in 2018 will run her 10th 200hour Vinyasa Yoga Teachers Training.

Tamsin dynamically weaves together elements from each of these diverse yogic traditions and therapeutic schools of thought to offer eclectic Vinyasa flow style classes. Tamsin’s creative and well-paced sequencing, anatomically precise instruction and hands-on adjustments combine to provide her students with a safe and sacred space to immerse themselves deep in their practice and develop an intuitive relationship with their bodies. Over and above simply instructing poses, Tamsin emphasizes the importance of helping students find the subtle, internal connections that make up these poses through conscious breath and movement. She encourages students to ‘move in the direction of yoga’ – to develop a sustainable self-practice and integrate the teachings of yoga into all aspects of their lives to find greater balance of mind, body and spirit.

Kathleen Booyse

Studio Manager & Teacher

Kathleen’s yoga journey is largely inspired by her mother who has been a dance instructor for over 30 years and has always had a strong interest in eastern philosophy. Due to her mother’s influence, Kathleen’s understanding of the connection between movement, spirituality, and healing began to develop at a young age, and has acted as her stepping stone into the world of yoga. Also through her mother’s influence, Kathleen has realized the potential for healing and gratification that lies in teaching others.

In May 2015, Kathleen left her position as film producer and took a leap of faith to begin her journey toward becoming a yoga teacher, and yoga has since been an incredibly transformative tool in her everyday life.
She completed her 200hr Vinyasa teacher training in October 2015 at The Shala Cape Town Yoga School, and has since been not only a teacher but also the full time studio manager.
Kathleen has a passion for teaching Beginners and is one of the lead teachers of the studios reputable Absolute Beginners Course that runs twice a year. She also teaches 4 other permanent classes at the studio every week.
She strives to encourage all her students to be mindful about their alignment and foundation, to embrace their inner teacher, and to take the time to develop a self-practice.
Kathleen feels strongly about the importance of addressing mental health issues through movement and meditation, and continues to use yoga as a tool to help her clients with depression, anxiety and other illnesses. She has a strong interest in physiology and anatomy, and is therefore inspired to continue learning about the relationship of the physical body with the energetic and spiritual bodies.
To continue her education, Kathleen is diligent about working on her daily practice and participating in workshops/courses.
She is also in her first year of her Specialised Kinesiology studies.


Adila Groenewald

Teacher & co-creator of the Teacher Training Course, E-RYT 200

Aldi finds yoga to be instrumental in her personal journey of healing, awareness and transformation. It is her passion to explore how the wisdom of yoga can support us in our modern lives.

Aldi studied with Africa Yoga and Shimon Ben Avi in the Ashtanga Vinyassa tradition. She’s taught yoga philosophy and self-enquiry on various teacher training programmes for the last 6 years.

Aldi encourages students to explore their own bodies and minds with curiosity and compassion using the breath as a guide.

Harriet Came

Pre natal teacher

Harriet has been practicing yoga seriously for the last 14 years: initially studying and practicing the Ashtanga form in London under the guidance of Liz Lark and Gingi Lee.

Since arriving in South Africa 6 years ago and discovering the fabulous and friendly Capetonian yoga community, she learned to deepen and vary her practice from a pure Ashtanga base. Since falling pregnant for the first time in 2007, she found an even greater respect for her body thus softening her practice and increasing her fulfillment from yoga.

“The commitment I made to yoga during my pregnancies taught me an enormous amount about my body, about my practice and about myself.

Without a doubt it increased the enjoyment and ease of my pregnancy, the birth and my recovery from the birth. I also truly believe it has influenced the characters and wellbeing of my children.

Since becoming pregnant, I have developed a deep interest in pre natal yoga and how this combined with diet and exercise can influence a pregnancy and birth.”

Lara Roux


Lara believes that beyond the grace of the movement, the depth of the breath and the pure joy of practicing with intent, that it is the soul connection one can experience on your mat which truly is the essence of yoga. And it is from that sacred place that she teaches.

Combining the playfulness of her nature, the importance of intelligent sequencing, music to move your soul and an adventure of self discovery, she teaches with the desire to encourage a journey into moving meditation for all her students. She encourages them to look deeper within, to walk in their truth and to continuously find a way to delight spirit.

After returning from years abroad working in exotic destinations and practicing various styles of yoga, she felt a need to ground herself into the beauty of Cape Town. She then decided to take her deep passion for yoga further and do a teacher training. This was the start of a challenging yet beautiful path deeper into the philosophy and dedication of yoga. She is delighted to be able to share all she knows and continues to learn with other practitioners in this Cape Town community.

Lara has completed a 200 hour Vinyasa Teacher Training in Cape Town in 2011, 200 hour Forrest Yoga Training in Chicago in 2012 and an advanced teacher training with Patrick Creelman in 2013.

She is deeply inspired by teachers like Ana Forrest, Janet Stone, Patrick Creelman, Yvonne De Koek, Jim Harrington and the beauties that teach at The Shala, who have been her teachers for as long as she can remember. She feels honoured to be a part of this sanctuary.

Melanie Castleman


Mel started her practice in 1999 when she discovered that all she needed to do was tie herself into a knot to feel at peace! During the following years Mel completed 4 teacher trainings which included YYI (Iyengar based – 2004),  Hatha (Haum of Yoga – 2005),  Forrest (Advanced Teacher Training – 2009) and  Forrest (Intensive Foundation Training 2010).  Two of these trainings took place in the states were Mel met Ana Forrest who she later assisted during Ana’s visits to South Africa.  She hasalso attended many workshops/immersions with various local and internationalteachers.

Melanie’s teaching is inspired by Forrest yoga, Anusara, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Kundalini. She has also had the privilege of experiencing Desiree Rumbaugh, Jordan Bloom, Ashtanga in the Shala with Charat and Saraswati, Gurmukh on the Ganges, Seann Corn, and many of our fantastic local teachers.

After experiencing many different styles of yoga Melanie’s passion lies in Forrest inspired Vinyasa, which allows the freedom to combine her favourite aspects of other styles into one while adding the strong foundation of Forrest yoga as well as her own personal “twist”.

Mel enjoys discovering new and exciting ways of stringing and infusing postures into a sequence that inspires and changes our way of habit, liberating body, mind, and spirit. Her teaching often takes students to the edge of their intensity. With her nurturing nature she manages to challenge in a playful way, bringing a fun but intense energy to class.

Beatrice Asselta


Beatrice is a passionate and warm Italian with love for life, good healthy food and conscious living.

Her interests vary between outdoor activities and sports, visual arts and photography, in a constant research of beauty, harmony and truth.

She moved in Cape Town in 2011, where she started approaching the practice of yoga moving through different styles in her practice and experience.

Beatrice’s  first introduction to yoga has been through a strong Ashtanga practice, while in the last few years she developed a crescent interest and connection towards the flow, variety and benefits of asana sequences that Vinyasa yoga propose.

Her focus during practice and the sequences she proposes is on alignment and the continuous flow of body, breath, mind and spirit with the purpose of finding new connections, comfort and effortlessness in every asana and in oneself.

Beatrice intent is to explore the journey that is the asana practice with awareness, curiosity and freedom into and trough the body, integrating those aspects and experiences that unravel within ourselves onto our mats, into our lives.

Thomas Sheehy

Anatomy Teacher

Originally from Worcestershire in England, Thomas immigrated to South Africa 2006. Following a lifelong swimming practice, where breath and movement are intrinsically synchronised, Thomas was introduced to yoga in 2005, immediately resonating with the teachings of Swarmi Satyananda Saraswati and Sivananda styled focus on mindfulness and the subtle, energetic qualities of being. Thomas completed his 200hr Teachers Training in Cape Town in 2008.

Personal health issues led Thomas to the study of diet and nutrition. After completing BSc entry for Human Sciences with the Centre for Nutrition Education & Lifestyle Management in 2014, he enrolled on 4 year double-diploma in Nutritional Therapy & Naturopathy with the College of Naturopathic Medicine.

Thomas believes that complementary healthcare and clinical medical practice are mutually symbiotic, rather than separate or ‘alternative’ entities. By balancing the best of modern western science with the timeless and unequivocal logic of ancient healing techniques, he was able to overcome severe and prolonged childhood ailments including rheumatoid arthritis and psychologically rooted eating disorders.

As a student, writer and health consultant Thomas specialises in the application of Anatomy and Physiology for the practice and teaching of Yoga Asana, and runs courses and workshops aimed at demystifying the complexities of the human body. As a swimmer, runner and yoga practitioner he is also interested in exercise and sporting regimes that place specific focus on the breath, stretching and low impact resistance training.

Justine Barnes


Justine found yoga in the 90’s when after having been a dancer for 10 years. She was already aware of the beauty of the mind ~ body connection and had a yearning to take it to a deeper level.

She completed her intense 200 hour teacher training certification with Jax Jai in Cape Town in 2010 and is currently completing her 300 hour advanced TTC with Jim Harrington.

Justine continues to keep fully inspired by attending workshops and retreats with yogi’s from all over the world. She finds daily inspiration in the students who come to her classes and believes we all encourage each other to rise to our true potential in this life time.
“Yoga gives me the space & clarity I need during challenging times & allows me to move through these times as elegantly as possible with grace & gratitude”

Rosalind Langer


Ros came to yoga whilst living on the island of Antigua. Yoga teachers were few and far between, and those that did come to the island, never stayed very long. She began practicing using a dvd: The Primary Series: John Scott. (John is one of the worlds few certified ashtanga teachers and is a direct student of Sri K. Patthabi Jois)

Since then Ros has practiced daily, reading about yoga with an intense hunger, and following her passion. Ros completed her first teacher training with Jacqueline Ivory of Jai Yoga in Cape Town in 2010. Having been a high school English teacher for 20 years, the ‘teaching’ aspect came quite naturally to her. In 2012 she did a 7 day workshop with John Scott at Purple Valley in India, and later and completed his Teacher Training in Cornwall in January 2013.  Ros continues to travel annually to meet with John Scott to further her development as a teacher. She is scheduled to do his next level of teacher training in May 2016.

“Yoga is my life. My mat is my home. Yoga has become entwined in the very nerve centre of my being. It is my guard: it protects me, fulfills me and is my constant companion. I feel blessed to be able to share this love with others. My Yoga journey never ends. Each student has been a gift that has deepened my love and appreciation of Yoga. I have seen in my self and many others the transformative power of breath, movement and awareness.”

Niki Van Schaik


Niki has been practicing yoga since 1996, and has been inspired by a number of teachers in a variety of styles, including Sivananda, Yin, Iyengar, Anusara and Vinyasa flow. She completed her first 200 hour teacher training in 2012 with Mariah Betts, Tamsin Sheehy and Aldi Groenewald at The Shala. She continues to take every opportunity to deepen her practice and skills with workshops and training in yoga and complementary modalities.

Niki is deeply interested in combining attention to alignment with a heart based practice that encourages greater self- connection and awareness. She aspires to create a safe space for surrender and letting go in her classes, emphasising presence and compassion in movement and in thought.  She brings to her classes conscious adjustments rooted in her Thai massage training and experience of bodywork.

Niki is deeply committed to Seva yoga, having witnessed the huge potential for transformation while teaching for the Earthchild Project, where holding a nurturing space can equip children with self respect, confidence and love. She draws on a love for movement, whether surfing, dancing or diving, to inspire classes that aim to be a moving meditation.