Tamsin Sheehy

Sunset: Saturday 28 July


Sunrise: Sunday 29 July


R300 per workshop or R500 for both.

Developing a self-practice takes discipline and dedication yet the rewards are a thousand fold.

In these two workshops, which are designed around sunset and sunrise, the time we are usually at home, Tamsin will be sharing her ideas around developing a self-practice. Both workshops will include the use of a yoga strap and wooden block as well as the wall.
Sunset workshop will start with a 2hr asana practice focusing on releasing the back line of the body, calming the nervous system and inverting the body to drain the lymphatic system, followed by 30-minutes of pranayama and meditation to integrate the right and left hemispheres of the brain, slow down mental activity and prepare the body for sleep.

Sunriseworkshop will start with 30-minutes of pranayama and meditation to ease the whole being into an awakened state, followed by 2hrs of asana focusing on energizing the digestive system, invigoration the spine through back extensions, clearing debris from the hips and preparing the body for the day ahead.

All levels are welcome, and especially anyone who wants to understand how different poses, breath and mediations practices can be used to either calm, balance and restore at Sunset, or to uplift, energize and inspire at Sunrise!

Booking essential, contact info@theshala.co.za