Saturday 8 December – Sunset


Sunday 9 December – Sunrise

7.00- 9.00

R500 for both or R300 per session

Spaces limited to 22 for wall space.

As we move into the holiday season and personal routines change a wellrounded self practice can help to keep us grounded, compassionate and healthy. These two workshops focus on the tools that we can use for a consistent personal practice.



Yoga is a practice that helps us integrate all the different roles we play in the world. When we step onto our mat first thing in the morning we not only boost our immune system, activate our digestive system and clean stagnation from the lymphatic system, but also integrate our family life, social life, work life and our understanding of our place in the world. Even a 20-minute practice done mindfully can set you up for the whole day. Taking responsibility for our core energy before stepping out into the world is a fundamental tool we can all use to help us navigate negative news and keep us focused on solutions in all aspects of our lives.

The 7am-9am Sunrise practice will focus on simple and effective breath practice, digestive cleansing and strengthening practices; plus, lymph drainage, strong standing poses, twists and backbends that energize and stimulate the body as a whole.



Once the day has come to an end it is vital that we cultivate a daily check in. The body, mind and emotions have all been stimulated and a lot of information and experiences have been taken in. A slower and more stretch based practice is required for the body to integrate all the information and help it move it through without getting stuck in the body. As one opens all the fascial lines of the body through longer holds with the support of yoga props and the wall, an awareness develops of how we were in the world that day, where we acted consciously, and where we acted from fear or reaction. This is an important introspection that we can do daily to assess each experience and forgive ourselves, reflect on our actions and move fully into restful sleep from a calm and aware body-mind.

The 5:30-7:30pm Sunset practice will be slow and restorative, including self-inquiry questions to contemplate as we move the body slowly with the aid of props. Expect long holds, supported shoulder stands, headstands and other inversions to drain and release.