with Keith McFarlane REBOUNDSA 

Saturday 5 May

11.00 – 15.00


Join South Africa’s leading specialists in Rebounding to learn how to facilitate a class in one of the most enjoyable and effective activities available. 

Presented by rebounding expert Keith McFarlane, author and producer of Rebounding programs, books and DVDs. His training is unique and sought after as it includes the foundational understanding of Cell Power and Lymphology – 2 points that take rebounding beyond traditional exercise. He has trained 1000’s of students in rebounding and many forms of health and fitness throughout Africa and internationally.


You will have the knowledge and skills to:

  • plan, prepare for, and facilitate a safe, fun and effective rebound session for either yourself, as a one-on-one session, or as a group class
  • adjust your classes to different levels of fitness, ages, capabilities, needs & target area’s of the body
  • understand how and why rebounding affects your Lymphatic system – and is such an effective exercise work with accessories and maintain equipment


4 hours face-to-face training (plus a recommended 24 hours notional training (if you would like to qualify as a trainer), which includes practice, study, reading, DVD’s etc).


This course is suitable for anyone but qualification will only be issued to participants with a background in fitness, sports, dance, yoga, pilates.


Training Manual

The Book: Rebounding for Health & Fitness

Access to 3 videos which include:

6 x 10 min sessions and 5 x 2-5min sessions

Demonstrations of all basic bounces

Cell power/Lymphology presentation

Mind power rebounding with Robin Banks

Follow up 6 part Cell Power e-course

Optional Assessments: Theory (multiple choice), and a Practical (10 min workout)

Ongoing trainer updates and support, plus a discount on any optional rebound purchases.


Rebounding History

  • How rebounding works
  • The 4 Majors of Rebounding

One on one

  • Group Fitness
  • Sports enhancement
  • Reconditioning
  • Using Accessories

Structuring a class

  • Warm up, Balance,
  • Aerobic, Resistance,
  • Targeting, Lymph,
  • Cool down

A look at classes from:

  • Beginners/intermediate/
  • advanced to speciality classes
  • Enhancing other types of training
  • Rebounding for different needs

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