Low and Slow

Sheona Mitchley
Saturday 6 April
14.00 – 16.00
Slow down, breathe and unwind in a low-flying restorative suspension yoga workshop. The hammocks hang close to the ground, which with the support of the floor and other props, allow for a deeper relaxation experience.
Explore longer held poses, passive mobilisation with gentle, slow movement and breath awareness to encourage the release of muscle tension, to soften and nourish connective tissues and to soothe the nervous system.
As layers of tension are released, the opportunity to journey inward and encourage shifts in both body and mind becomes available. Treat yourself to two blissful hours of ultimate relaxation and leave feeling calm, balanced and energised.
Suitable for all levels.
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Cancelation & Refund Policy:
Upon receipt of payment in full, student cancellation fees apply.
Notice period more than 4 weeks from start date = 100% monetary refund available.
Notice period between 1-4 weeks from start date = 100% credit exchange (i.e. swap the amount for a class card etc.), or 80% monetary refund available.
Notice period less than 3-7 days from start date = 100% credit exchange available.
Notice period less than 48hrs from start date = no refund or exchange available.
Payment methods accepted:
Credit card, EFT, SnapScan or cash.
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The Shala – Yoga in Cape Town.
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