The yoga of nutrition, an in-depth look with Thomas Sheehy – A Blog Post by Yoga South Africa

The understanding that yoga is a complex discipline with many facets is often taken for granted in a 21st century world that focuses mainly on the physical asana. In essence, yoga is a lifestyle and an art. We got in touch with Thomas Sheehy, yoga instructor and natural health coach as he explains the yoga of [...]

Body Benefits: Exploring the effects of Yoga with Kathleen Booyse – A Blog Post by Yoga South Africa

When Kathleen Booyse quit her career in the film industry to pursue a more nurturing role as a yoga teacher, she found a calling to help people understand their bodies in a way that goes deeper than just the physical. We sat down with Kathleen as she shared her passions for learning as well as [...]

Finding strength in vulnerability: An in-depth look with Lara Roux – A Blog Post by Yoga South Africa

“There is vulnerability in strength and strength in vulnerability” The words, and motto, of Lara Roux left me inspired as we sat down for a coffee just after Lara had taught a Forrest-Inspired class at The Shala - Cape Town Yoga School. Her energy and spirit filled the space as she shared her personal yoga [...]

The Shala Yoga – Cape Town Yoga School Teacher Training Course Video

The Shala Yoga - Cape Town Yoga School Teacher Training Course Our Teacher training program is is designed to take each student step by step through the journey to becoming a safe and effective yoga teacher. We invite you to view our new video giving more insight into this transformative course. Please email for more information and to [...]