With Lara Roux

6 – 22 March

Tuesday & Thursday

19.30 – 21.00

This 3 week program is designed to help you face the fears we often feel on your mats.
For some of us, even taking a truly deep breath into that place of pain – physical or emotional – can be as terrifying as when a teacher calls out inversions or arm balances in a yoga class.
We often fear the emotions that arise whilst we practice, as much as we fear the physical attributes of a strong, sweaty class.
So over the course of these 6 sessions, we will stalk those fears, we will find a way through breath and through movement to connect to those areas – physical or emotional – that we avoid or feel a deep disconnect too.
This Forrest Intensive will have the usual juiciness of practicing asana in a warm & nurturing space, each session fully focused on the freedom found in correct alignment.
There will be much importance placed on the digestive fire and how increase in core stability brings in a greater connection to the gut, to our own primal instinct and can facilitate the proper spinal support we need when going into backbends or inversions.
Pranyama and Kriya work will be done at the start of each class.
Shasvansa or seated meditation will be the well deserved reward you give yourself at the end of each session.
I encourage you to utilise all 6 sessions to deepen into Asana, into Spirit and To Be Strong – setting free the vast potential of Self that lies beneath the skin.
The complete course R1450 ( 6 Sessions)
Drop ins R290
Booking is essential as  Space is limited.
Your spot is only confirmed on receiving payment.
Please remember to bring your Forrest Roll ( or an extra mat to make one)
This is an essential prop that you can continue to use after the course.
It is a brilliant tool for both good for spinal release & strengthening, pelvic floor reawakening & strengthening and for accessing into the deeper layer of abdominals, through which we can find balance, ease of movement, piking and handstands.
Try not to eat 2 hours before the class and keep meals light and nutritious on these days of practice.