with Simon Rowe

Wednesday 13 December

19.00 – 21.00


Senior vinyasa yoga teacher, Simon Rowe will join us from Amsterdam to offer this vibrant and dynamic masterclass.

Awaken to the pulse of your life force, Prana! and the exhilarating effect of energetic practice. Embody the fundamentals of energetic alignment to find a fuller expression of your poses as you ride the wave of the energetic breath to build strength, flexibility and confidence.

Cultivate fearlessness and follow the way of your heart as you move gracefully and effortlessly from the Earth to the sky, cultivating lightness and grace.

Experience the inner pulse as you drop back in to balance the cycles of dynamic practice with quieter moments of inner reflection uniting the yogic principles of Power and Grace, ‘sthira sukham asanam’

Join us for this mythical flow experience of yoga, sound and energy work

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