The simple fact for more than 6 million girls in  South Africa of menstruation age is that they miss a week of school each month due to not having the monetary funds to buy sanitary towels and tampons. This equates to almost 3 months a year and leads to loss of dignity and education often resulting in these girls dropping out of school completely. Girls are often forced to use bits of old fabric, newspaper or even bark and can lead to infection and shame. This problem has a solution and can lead to better school attendance, empowerment and joy for this special biological time in each girls life.
The Shala has teamed up with The Earthchild project and Project Dignity to help provide sustainable sanitary in the form of the Subz pack :
A re-usable sanitary pad and panty that is 100% cotton therefore allowing the skin to breathe. The elastic is non-woven, rubber based and therefore will not stretch out of shape. The sanitary towel is absorbent and will hold up to 25 – 30mls of discharge. The sanitary towel is fully washable therefore reusable. The panty and sanitary towel are made of 100% cotton fabrics therefore will last a minimum of 5 years. The pad contains no gels or absorbent chemicals and is totally biodegradable. It is a “green peace” product, and being biodegradable will not clog landfills.
These packs cost R275.88
Not only is our #girlchild campaign aimed at providing the girls from the Earthchild project with these packs but also with an ongoing educational component that covers all areas of body care, sex education and self worth.
We have created a campaign page for donations and will be running specific #girlchild events at The Shala to raise funds. Our first target group is 100 girls and we hope reach this target by March 2018 so that the good work can continue for the next 100 girls in 2019. The 100 chosen girls form part of the existing Earthchild Projects clubs that are dedicated to holistic education from yoga and worm farming to hiking and vision boarding.
We need everyones help to reach our goals and  make a difference please visit our campaign page to make a donation